3 proyectos por ciudad capital de entre 5 y 50M cada uno o más pueden representar un portafolio de más de mil millones de dólares en Financiación mixta a nivel sub-nacional.



Solo estarán disponibles en la Cumbre Climática de las Américas los proyectos presentados por las ciudades capitales de América Latina y el Caribe.



Para acelerar la ejecución de infraestructura verde en nuestra región se podrán pueden presentar seis categorías; ENERGÍAS RENOVABLES, EFICIENCIA ENERGÉTICA, E-MOVILIDAD, ECO-CONSTRUCCIÓN CON NORMA PASSIVHAUS, GESTIÓN DE RESIDUOS Y TRATAMIENTO DE AGUAS.

Los gobiernos locales elegidos deben cargar los proyectos aquí hasta Noviembre 24, 2019.

Climate Summit of the Americas

The CC35 Climate Summit of the Americas in Santiago will bring together the capitals of the region around projects presented in the framework of the successful initiative led together with the R20 called “500 Climate Solutions for Latin America and the Caribbean” that can add up to 1 billion dollars in sub-national financing.

Mayors, leaders of the global climate agenda, high authorities of the public and private financial sector, CEOs of companies targeting decarbonization of cities, local environmental authorities and Directors of partner organizations will discuss new financial mechanisms that may accelerate green infrastructure on the road to the binding stage of the Paris Agreement.

COP25 Chile

The whole world is in a process of transformation towards a genuinely sustainable development. Increasing ambition with a balance between mitigation and adaptation is crucial. For this we need the participation of States as well as local governments and the private sector.

The COP must encourage concrete climate action, ensuring an inclusive process for all parties and the formal inclusion of the scientific world and the private sector.

Our challenge is to achieve a transition towards increased action that is perceived by citizens. Climate change is a reality today, not in 50 years.

Why Santiago?

Santiago Sustentable is focused on the quality of life of its population, the preservation of local identity and the vitality of its economic activities of excellence, the strengthening of local environmental institutions and the generation of technical and legal instruments that allow an efficient and modern environmental management where responsible citizens are active agents of Local Environmental Change.

About CC35

The CC35 is a coalition driven by the leadership of Latin American mayors committed to the integration of the 35 capitals of countries in the hemisphere that represent 5% of the population, more than 54 million citizens, with the goal of reducing local greenhouse gas emissions, drastically increasing funding for sub-national green infrastructure, coordinating ambitious legislation and planning coordinated climate action among cities towards the binding phase of the Paris Agreement.

R20 Leadership

R20 is not just another network of regions, it is much more than that. R20 is a true coalition of forces that believe that climate change and green economy development can be addressed at the sub-national level, led by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the champions in the fight against the global climate crisis.